Sunday, January 29, 2006

Essay of Place: Prewrite #3

David Lyons
Period 5
Prewrite #3

The sun is setting over the giant ridges of rock that lie to the west like an ominous barrier marking the edge of my world. Silky plains of grass ripple under a breeze that holds me in an effortless glide, taking in the surroundings. A black strip divided by two lines of yellow carries only a few of the giant shining monsters that gleam and speed through this world without ever stopping to take it in. The gentle incline to the east hikes grudgingly up to a plateau where a dirt path winds through the environment, like the clumsy flight of a fledgling. Strong trees, evergreens and pines and aspens, stand with their callus bark and firm arms ready to support the slumber of their inhabitants. As the sun admonishes its last flare of brilliant fiery magnificence, the nocturnal life begins to warm up for its chorus in a raucous array of voices. A chilling updraft brings to me the sweet scent of life like the smell of the first day of spring when the entire world comes to life. The mountains finally swallow up the sun, leaving this world in a twilight zone, and I think its time to settle down for the night. I drop down to a little stream that runs out of the foothills that flow like waves out of the grassy plain. The water is a delicious juice that cools and relaxes my body as it courses to my stomach. As I settle down on the welcoming branch that holds my home and fade away into a slumber, I smile at the perfection and beauty that surrounds me.


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