Thursday, January 19, 2006

Camp Polk Cemetary

"The memory works on me." "That's all. That's enough. It's nearly dark." "What for immortality? Public proclamations are prey to time. Only the secrets survive."

It seems to me that the author of this piece of writing makes it hard to understand what he is trying to say. He skips around a lot, such as in the above quotes, and makes it very hard to follow his train of thought. For instance, he ends one paragraph with the last of the above quotes, then starts the next paragraph with a series of questions that cause confusion to me. What is the writer trying to tell his audience, what is the point he is trying to emphasize? It was hard for me to follow this piece of writing because of all the quick transitions and somewhat whimsical thoughts. Perhaps the author meant for the reader to be lost in his words, and maybe to find their own meaning within them. Maybe that was the purpose of this piece of writing.


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