Thursday, January 26, 2006

Essay of Place: Prewrite #2

David Lyons
Period 5
Essay of Place: Prewrite #2

The fear of waking up one day and realizing that I’ve lost everything that is dear in my life, those simplistic beauties which make life bearable, keeps me in trepidation of taking anything for granted. Just a taste of that loss can change a person for the rest of their lives, leaving them scarred and torn by their ignorance of the things that are most important to them. Just ask the man who lost the love of his life at Daniel’s Park, and he tell you how that loss feels, like an infection that spreads slowly until nothing can stop it from its toll. The history of Daniel’s Park goes like this
There they were, just the two of them standing upon the plateau like Adam and Eve caught in the setting sun’s gaze. He looked at her and saw her beautiful curves like the waves of the plains and the rolling foothills above. Her hand was in his, like the gentle caress of a goddess who knows not the power of her touch, so gentle and smooth. The man, Daniel, was enraptured by her beauty and grace, her ever present poise. A kiss, a final bittersweet goodbye, like tasting a wild berry from a bush nearby, savoring the sweet juice just one last time. Her voice flows to him, the gentle melody of a slight breeze whispering through the space that divides them,” Goodbye.” As she turns to leave, the wind catches her hair and sends Daniel the captivating scent of crushed pine needles and spring flowers. The man stood motionless, transfixed by the sudden pain he feels. Looking out on the beautiful landscape below him, Daniel realized how much the woman that had left him meant. He had thought they would always be together, and now she was gone from his life, disappeared like a sweet dream that begins to fade as soon as you wake. The beauty of that park reminded Daniel of his lost love, the simplicity and perfection that can only be created by the hand of Mother Nature, and for the rest of his life, Daniel would hold this place in his heart as a reminder of the love he had lost. He often visited here to reminisce on the times they had had together, and to try to fill the hole in his heart that had been left to bleed when she had gone away. This park was named Daniel’s Park because Daniel had but one piece of his love left to him, and that was this park.
To this day Daniel’s Park exists, and its beauty is evident in everything around it. To keep this treasure as it was meant to be, future generations should consider the following as words of advice about this park:
1. Take time out of your life to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature. Nothing can substitute for seeing this place firsthand and taking in the view.
2. Don’t take this park for granted. In our lives we take far too much for granted, and don’t take time to realize the importance of the small things in our lives.
3. Help preserve the area. Whether it comes to not littering or to fighting to keep this expanse of untamed wilderness from being tainted by humanity.
4. Teach your kids to appreciate the beauty and grace of nature to help insure the protection of wilderness like this in the future.
5. Remember that even with all the technology that we live with today, nature is still the one that created us. Respect nature and its power.


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